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Hair Coloring & Chemical Treatments

Revamp your style the way you see fit when you choose Beautiful Expectations. Drawing on years of hands-on experience, our hair designers offer a variety of specialized services tailored to your tastes and hair needs. Whether you're looking for single process hair coloring or silky smooth locks from a Keratin treatment, we have you covered.

Tête-à-Tête (Complimentary Consultation)

As seasoned stylists, we understand that your hair care needs and desires are as unique as you are. With this in mind, we recommend booking a consultation with one of our designers before your initial appointment. Please make sure you also book additional time for any cutting or styling services needed after coloring or chemical processes.

One-Step Color Tint

Transform your look with our one-step color service. Typically referred to as single process coloring, this is an on-the-scalp service designed for less drastic hair color changes. Additionally, we conduct a brief consultation before coloring your hair in order to make sure you're getting exactly what you need. $45+

Double Process

When your desired color is beyond the scope of the single process, it may be necessary to lift your hair beyond this initial stage. If this is necessary for your preferred end results, a second process is administered to tone the hair to your desired level. $95+

Color Correction Process

A color correction process is generally meant to fix a prior color service that had less-than-satisfactory results, some of which may include accidentally orange tones or an at-home dye gone wrong. If you want to lighten your hair, we start by removing the pigment — along with other elements such as protein —a process that can result in damage if not done by a seasoned stylist over the course of several sessions. For darker colors, we deposit pigment back into the hair during an initial session followed by at least one more round of coloring.

Color Correction Pricing & Consultation

Charges for hair color correction are based on time and the number of applications necessary in order to achieve your desired color. For this reason, we highly recommend calling to schedule a free consultation at our warehouse district salon, which will allow us to gauge how much work will be needed in order to correct your current hair color. $75+ per hour

Highlights & Lowlights

We specialize in the art of lighting and shading hair to accentuate your cut and style. In order to achieve the best possible results, all highlighting and low lighting is done with the most advanced foil techniques, with an emphasis on keeping things natural. $65 - $200+

Textured Hair Services

Get the head-turning curls you've always dreamed of with our texturizing services. To get started, we conduct an initial consultation, during which we sit down and evaluate whether or not your hair texture is appropriate for curling. $65 - $200+

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Although we do not offer chemical relaxers, we do provide a smoothing treatment by Keratin Complex, a leader in hair smoothing services. If you would prefer to have your hair styled by a designer after a chemical service, please reserve additional time and keep in mind that a service charge will be applied. If you prefer to style your own hair after these services, we have designed an area exclusively for this purpose at no additional charge. $250 - $500+

Hairstyling Pricing Details

The most important part of your new look is the finish. Should you need your hair styled only without cut or coloring services, we offer an initial consultation. Following this meeting, you're treated to a stress-relieving shampoo followed by a conditioning treatment. Finally, one of our designers styles your hair to your match your liking. $35 - $100+

Setting, Curling Irons, & Flat Irons

Enhance your new look with our specialized styling services. Because extra time is needed for those services, we recommend that reserving additional time during your appointment. Setting, curling, and straightening services are also subject to an extra charge. $15 - $25

Hair & Scalp Treatments

Although you condition your hair on a regular basis, the hair and scalp are often depleted of essential protein and moisture. During this treatment, we start by analyzing your needs before administering exactly what your hair requires. From there, we give you a relaxing scalp massage before placing your under a warm steamer to process. Please keep in mind that this is an add-on service. $25